9 Steps to Make Desktop Look Cool and Aesthetic

make desktop look cool

Few steps to make Desktop look cool and aesthetic

Microsoft Windows or Desktop isn’t any one thing; it’s an interwoven patchwork of tools built atop features that trace back to the beginning of the time-tested operating system.

Customizing and make Desktop look cool’s exterior is pretty easy with cases, sleeves, stickers, etc. But when it comes to what’s inside, not many people know how to customize their desktop. So let’s check out some easy steps to make desktop look cool and aesthetic and more personal.

#Step-1: Hide your Desktop icons and Taskbar

If you are really want to make Desktop look cool, then the first step, you need to hide your desktop icons and taskbar. You need to clean your desktop first. For Hiding the taskbar, Right Click on the Taskbar and click on Taskbar Setting then go to Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode and click to on, your taskbar will automatically hide. 


Taskbar>Taskbar Settings>Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode.

For hiding the Desktop Icons:

Right-click on the desktop and go to view and click on the Show desktop icons. Your desktop icons will be hidden automatically. 

image 1

View>Show Desktop Icons.

#Step-2: Download and Install Rainmeter

Rainmeter allows us to display customizable skins and make Desktop look cool, from hardware usage meters to fully functional audio visualizers. Click here to download Rainmeter and install it on your desktop or laptop. 

image 2

#Step-3: Download and Customize Monstera Leaves Theme

In this downloaded folder, you will get Animated Weather, Soonex Clock, and Visualizer tools with wallpaper. You can simply click here to download it. This theme helps you to make Desktop look cool.

After completion of the download, extract it into your default folder of the system. And then copy the folders named, Animated Weather, Soonex Clock, and Visualizer, then paste them into inside the Rainmeter’s skins. For Rainmeter’s skins, you need to go to Documents>Rainmeter>Skins. 

image 4

#Step-4: Load Rainmeter Skins

In this step, you need to load pasted skins on your desktop through Rainmeter. For that, you need to go to the taskbar and find the up arrow and click on it then you can see, there will be a raindrop icon and click on it. After that, the Rainmeter window appears on the desktop and click on the Refresh all button from the bottom left side. 

You will see the active skins left side of the screen where you had pasted on Rainmeter’s skins. For loading the skins you can click on which skins need to show on the desktop, then click on the dropdown icon and find the .ini file and right-click on it then load the skin and refresh it again. It will help you to make Desktop look cool and aesthetic

image 6

Video Tutorial:

#Step-6: Download Nexus Dock

Nexus Dock is the free and professional dock for Windows. Using this dock you can navigate your desktop icons looks aesthetic and similar to Mac OS. You can download it from here and install it on your system. 

image 9

#Step-7: download Dock Icons 

For a better look at Nexus Dock, you need to download and patches the Monstera dock Icons. You can simply download it from here and extract it. 

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#Step-8: Open Nexus Dock and customize it

In this step, you need to open your installed Nexus Dock by clicking the Nexus logo icon. And go to advanced option and find restore option then click on it to restore the wsbackup file from the downloaded dock icons and click ok to apply. 

image 10

#Step-9: Replace the icons

You can replace the file icons by clicking the individual icon. For that, right-click on a specific file and click on Dock Entry Properties then find and click on the Change Icon button and click to replace by downloaded icon, and click ok to apply. 

image 12

I hope you are able to make desktop look cool and aesthetic. If you have any queries regarding this topic, please let me know in the comment section. Thank you!